Intelligent Building Technology

Those who want to know how we’ll be living tomorrow don’t necessarily have to ask a futurologist. At Sound & Vision (UK) we can provide the information today. We already offer the intelligent building technology of the future – today.

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Modern electrical technology can make your home or office more comfortable, safer and cheaper to run. The prerequisite for this is that you use KNX in your installation. The inclusion of KNX cabling known as a bus line during the pre-wire phase of your project will allow total automation of your lights, blinds and heating system and much much more……

A benefit in every type of building

From the office complex to the average household. Whatever the kind of building you have, KNX will open up completely new opportunities for building control systems while keeping the costs at a manageable level. KNX can provide solutions that can only be realized with considerable effort with conventional installation techniques.

Via a single touch panel, you will be able to control all applications in the home. From heating, ventilation and access control to the remote control of all household appliances – KNX allows completely new ways to increase comfort, safety and energy savings in the home or building.

Residential Buildings

Observant network

KNX is always alert during the night and when you are on the road. The intelligent network for home automation connects motion detectors, window glass break sensors and blind controls with the alarm system, the emergency button and on demand with your mobile.

This ensures your protection and security –day and night!

Quick response

Never caught by surprise. In case of smoke emission the networked smoke detector will alert you and all other inhabitants of fires breaking out. Also, water or gas leaks are recognized and reported immediately, long before irreparable damage can occur. Even when you happen not to be at home!

Everything under control

Enjoy your holidays without any worries: The security settings of KNX can make your home appear inhabited – so you can sit back and relax.

Commercial Buildings

KNX is the only bus system worldwide that offers the complete range of transmission media for building control systems: Twisted Pair, Powerline, Radio Frequnecy and Ethernet IP. Transmission media can easily be coupled with KNX media couplers. The KNX applications are commissioned with ETS, the manufacturer, product and trade independent tool.

From the Idea to the Finished Product, the list of questions for a KNX novice on how to implement KNX into a new device can be quite long:

  • Which KNX media (e.g. Twisted Pair or Radio Frequency) should be used?
  • Which communication objects – data formats – should be used and how are they programmed?
  • What are the hardware requirements for the device?
  • Are there standard components?
  • How will the device be commissioned, i.e., which configuration modes should be supported?
  • Is there technical support that can assist during the development
  • How is the certification process?
Light & Blinds Control

Light & Blinds Control

KNX blind and lighting control brings intelligent systems and time-dependent control possibilities for the daily raising and lowering of blinds shutters and lights at home. Switch ranges are available in a wide variety of colours and materials for all applications, both for indoors and, robust and water-protected, for outdoors as well.

Climate Control

Climate Control

Heating and air-conditioning temperatures can be monitored and adjusted to suit a buildings needs. KNX will open and close values when required automatically making changes for example when someone opens a window in the room, therefore saving energy. Using KNX in conjunction with partners Gira or Basalte allows the home user to easily achieve a desired temperature.

Door Entry

Door Entry

KNX allows for use of a diverse assortment of door intercom systems for communication at the front door. Systems can be integrated into the switch ranges and can be combined in a wide variety of ways.
All types of entry are available. Personal code entry via Kepad, fingerprint entry and transponders are all available via KNX and partners.

Total management of how you, your family or colleges, enter or leave a building. KNX is for the home or the workplace. Know what time your staff arrived or what time the kids arrived home from a party.

Audio Visual

Audio Visual

It’s part of the convenience of a modern house to have music or radio stations that can be heard throughout the building via a multi-room audio system. The operating units are located in the various rooms and the sounds can be varied and controlled in a sophisticated manner.

KNX’s controlled multiroom systems ensure perfect sound quality all around the house. Up to 32 additional rooms can be supplied with music via a central unit. Each listening zone can access its own music.
Multi-room systems can easily be operated from any room and a uniform appearance that matches the remaining electrical installation is guaranteed.


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