Multi-Room Systems

Multi-room audio systems add a real touch of luxury to your home. No matter its size or your budget, you can listen to a different song or radio station in each room or even click into party mode to merge all your rooms and have music playing in unison all over your home.

Everything can be controlled via in-wall keypads or even your iPhone or iPad. With in-ceiling speakers, you won’t even notice the system unless it’s on.

Multi-room audio systems are extremely versatile. Large CD collection? No problem. Huge iTunes library? Easy. And if you need more, music services such as Spotify or Napster can provide you with every song or artist you can think of.

Put simply, multi-room audio will re-invent your world of music, allowing you to explore a wealth of artists, both old and new, right at your fingertips wherever you are in your home.

SonosSonos is the complete multi-room audio solution that does all things audio. It’s currently the system that all the other multi-room packages are judged by and quite rightly so. We have been installing and personally loving Sonos since 2007 and have gained invaluable experience when it comes to wired and wireless Sonos installations. Read More ›

RussoundA Russound multi-room system lets you enjoy audio and video from up to 8 sources—such as your MAC, CD players, Satellite receivers, television, and even your iPod®—in any area of your home, inside or out, all at the same time. Read More ›

SystemlineWe have been installing Systemline since 2004 so have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the installation and maintenance of this product. Systemline multi-room entertainment is divided into two series: Systemline Modular and Systemline S6. Read More ›

NuvoNuvo is the new kid on the block for us and we really like it.The NuVo Essentia system delivers power and features you would normally expect from a higher priced systems. The iPod control is excellent for a multi-room system at this price point.Once again this is a system that can be controlled via the iPad. Read More ›


Touch screen technology has revolutionised the way we control our media. Within a multi -room audio system, touch screen controllers can be both handheld or wall mounted. Simply grab one of your controllers, select a track or radio station from around the world and hit play.

As you move from room to room, take your music with you. Create playlists with your touch screen controller to set the mood for each room or click into party mode to bring your house alive. Control any room, from ANYWHERE.

Control is the key to your system running smoothly and efficiently and should give you the freedom to control all of your music all of the time

There are many options available for multi-room control; our expertise does not end with touch screen controllers. Some people would rather fixed keypads in each room, others the ability to control from a PC or Mac. Whatever your preference, we have a control solution to suit you.


Speakers are available in a wide array of sizes, designs and most importantly, quality. Deciding on a speaker is a very personal choice as there are many options from in-ceiling to in-wall, completely invisible to bookshelf and floor standing speakers.

We use a wide range of speaker brands (KEF, Monitor Audio, PMC, Polk, Artcoustic, Yamaha, and many more) that aim to bring pleasure to the eye as well as the ear.

At Sound & Vision, we are aware that budgets differ and always strive to find the right solution for you through recommendations of tried and trusted brands.


Using an AV Amplifier can be a great solution for multi-room audio and video. The latest AV receivers can distribute audio and High definition video to an additional 3 zones. Not only do you have a great sounding surround system, you’d also have audio and video distributed throughout your home.

This type of amplifier also has the capability of streaming music via the internet using services such as Napster and Last FM, making any music or radio station available anywhere in the house.

Existing Sytems

& Upgrades

At SAVAVS, we are aware that, like ourselves, systems age. There are constantly new add-ons being released that can greatly enhance your system. We have the expertise and adaptability to clean up, maintain and update your existing system. We even offer maintenance contracts. Call us for a chat about your system, even if we didn’t install it and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.



Many products utilise online streaming for media such as music and movies. These services include but are not limited to: Napster, Spotify, Last.FM, Grooveshark, Wolfgang’s Vault, Deezer and so on. In most cases we can provide a free trial of one or more of these products


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